What is the Tupler Technique®?

The Tupler Technique® was created by Julie Tupler, a registered nurse, certified childbirth educator and fitness instructor in the United States. She is the author of two books: Maternal Fitness and Lose Your Mummy Tummy and sits on the advisory board of Fit Pregnancy and the Women’s Sport Foundation. She is internationally recognised as a leading expert in diastasis rehabilitation and her programme is supported by research conducted by Columbia University‘s Department of Physical Therapy


A study was conducted at Columbia University Program in Physical Therapy. Results demonstrated that the women utilising the Tupler Technique® exercises had a smaller diastasis than the control group who did not do these exercises.
— Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy Volume 29, No. 1, Spring, 2005

What is a “Diastasis Recti”?

“Diastasis” means separation.  So it is a separation of the “recti”, the rectus abdominis muscles in your abdomen.   The two strap-like rectus muscles run down the centre of your tummy and are the muscles you see in a “six pack”.  They run from your breastbone down to your pubic bone and are attached to each other by a thin connective tissue called the “linea alba” (white line).  When these muscles separate, the connective tissue that joins them stretches sideways. The more it stretches sideways the thinner and weaker it becomes and the worse the diastasis becomes.

What causes a diastasis?

Any repetitive forward forceful movement against the linea alba can create a diastasis.   Two causes affecting both men and women are abdominal weight gain and doing repetitive exercises like situps or “crunches” without also working to strengthen the deeper core muscles of the abdomen.  However, the most common cause affecting women is pregnancy.  70% of women who have had a baby will also have developed a diastasis yet most mothers are not aware they have one and so the condition goes untreated.   Ask yourself whether you “showed” earlier in your second pregnancy or whether you still look a little or a lot pregnant following your last pregnancy?

How does a diastasis put you at risk?

The rectus abdominis forms part of the support system for the back and protects your organs.  When the muscles separate this support system is weakened (in fact the resulting “mummy tummy ” or ”man gut” is actually your protruding organs).  Over time a diastasis recti can lead to lower back pain, pelvic instability and an increased risk of developing a hernia.

How do I know if I have one?

A diastasis can be checked both during and after pregnancy. The object is to determine how many fingers will fit in the space between the two recti muscles. You also want to determine the condition of the connective tissue. The deeper your fingers will go towards your spine, the weaker the connective tissue. If you feel a pulsing while you are checking, this is a sign of very weak connective tissue.
  Click here for how to check for a diastasis.

What are the benefits of following the Tupler Technique® programme?

We recommend a six week commitment to the programme. You may not entirely close the diastasis in this time, but you will definitely see improvement within six weeks.  
You will also tone and flatten your tummy, reduce your waist size, strengthen your pelvic floor and may relieve any back problems you are having.

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  • What other people are saying about the Tupler Technique®

    "By continuing to do the Tupler Technique® exercises every day, your Mummy Tummy goes away and that aching back will disappear as well".
    Elle Macpherson (actress/model/businesswoman)

    "Julie Tupler is an expert on diastasis recti".
    Dr. Oz (Oprah & Friends)

    "The Tupler Technique® ...is great for maintaining the results of stomach surgery".
    Dr Sharon Giese Plastic Surgeon (in New Beauty Magazine vol 4 issue 4 Fall/Winter 2008)

    "I have just completed a 6 week workshop with Camilla. Although my "gap" hasn't closed completely yet, my stomach looks a huge amount better and stronger than it did at the start of the programme. I have had a diastasis recti for almost 3 years and have tried everything, including specialist physiotherapists, but this programme has produced by far the best results. I have been really impressed."
    Rebecca Holburn Wimbledon

    "I wasn't convinced I would ever be able to have my tummy back to normal after my pregnancies without an operation until I came across Tummy Tribe and tried the
    Tupler Technique®. The splint is so easy to wear and even with 3 small children I managed to fit in the exercises. Seeing improvements in under 2 weeks also spurred me on. I would recommend the Tupler Technique® to anyone."

    Rachel Durden-Smith Wandsworth

    "I found the one to one session extremely useful and informative"
    Sigrid Aruliah Surrey

  • Make Sure You Get The Real Deal

    Only licensees on Julie Tupler’s team have gone through an intensive training programme and have been taught and tested personally by Julie Tupler, RN, founder of the Tupler Technique®. After our training, Julie continues to support us providing updated continuing education on all aspects of the Tupler Technique®.