Mummy tummy or diastasis recti?

Of course it takes time for your body to recover after having a baby, your body has been changing for 9 months and you have produced a cocktail of hormones that can take up to a year to settle down (or longer if you are breast feeding).

But if you are approaching your pre pregnancy weight and are exercising regularly but still can’t get rid of your mummy tummy, you could have a diastasis recti.

Over 70% of post natal women have this condition.  During pregnancy your growing uterus puts pressure on your abdominal muscles which may cause them to separate.  When the muscles separate the connective tissue joining the muscles stretches sideways and becomes thinner and weaker.

When the muscles separate it weakens the support system for the back and organs causing a protruding tummy and belly button, lower back pain, weakened pelvic floor, poor posture and gastrointestinal problems. Many people suffering from a diastasis will not even realise there’s a problem and the effects will be slight but for others these symptoms will be more pronounced. The more severe the diastasis, the more pronounced the symptoms.

Many exercises such as crunches and Pilates 100’s put considerable strain on the connective tissue and actually make the condition worse.   Daily activities, such as getting in and out of bed, can make a diastasis larger if performed incorrectly.

“.. A diastasis can be closed in anyone at anytime, regardless of when you had a baby..” says Julie Tupler  RN, creator of the Tupler Technique®.   It is the only research & evidence based- programme
(in existence for 20 years) to treat this condition.

The Tupler Technique® is a 4 step programme which requires an initial 6 week commitment.  The exercises are easy to do and can be fitted into your daily routine.  This programme will not only change your belly, it will change your life.  It is a programme you will want to do for the rest of your life.

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  • What other people are saying about the Tupler Technique®

    "By continuing to do the Tupler Technique® exercises every day, your Mummy Tummy goes away and that aching back will disappear as well".
    Elle Macpherson (actress/model/businesswoman)

    "Julie Tupler is an expert on diastasis recti".
    Dr. Oz (Oprah & Friends)

    "The Tupler Technique® great for maintaining the results of stomach surgery".
    Dr Sharon Giese Plastic Surgeon (in New Beauty Magazine vol 4 issue 4 Fall/Winter 2008)

    "I have just completed a 6 week workshop with Camilla. Although my "gap" hasn't closed completely yet, my stomach looks a huge amount better and stronger than it did at the start of the programme. I have had a diastasis recti for almost 3 years and have tried everything, including specialist physiotherapists, but this programme has produced by far the best results. I have been really impressed."
    Rebecca Holburn Wimbledon

    "I wasn't convinced I would ever be able to have my tummy back to normal after my pregnancies without an operation until I came across Tummy Tribe and tried the
    Tupler Technique®. The splint is so easy to wear and even with 3 small children I managed to fit in the exercises. Seeing improvements in under 2 weeks also spurred me on. I would recommend the Tupler Technique® to anyone."

    Rachel Durden-Smith Wandsworth

    "I found the one to one session extremely useful and informative"
    Sigrid Aruliah Surrey

  • Make Sure You Get The Real Deal

    Only licensees on Julie Tupler’s team have gone through an intensive training programme and have been taught and tested personally by Julie Tupler, RN, founder of the Tupler Technique®. After our training, Julie continues to support us providing updated continuing education on all aspects of the Tupler Technique®.